Due to his professional education and experience within private practice as well as within the corporate sector Dirk Oldenburg has been able to gather extensive experience in terms of legal aspects but also in terms of management and the particularities of the corporate sector.  In his different positions during his 25 years of professional life Dirk Oldenburg has been involved in a wide variety of different matters like:

  • Mega mergers and Spinn-Offs of DAX/STOXX enterprises
  • Take-over and Take-over-Defence situations
  • Acquisitions and joint ventures
  • Major litigation in US and EU (e.g. cartell, product liability, shareholder disputes, patent litigation)
  • Restructuring and privatisation of enterprises
  • High-Profile-Liabilty-Litigation

Being part of the Senior Management and member of the Management Board, Dirk Oldenburg was involved in many different complex strategic and operational projects with international complexity such as: 

  • Integration of global corporations of different corporate and national cultures
  • Global management of the legal function (incl patent) with more than 500 employees and the respective budget responsibility
  • Reorganisation of the diversified Hoechst comglomerate into a life science group
  • Developement and implementation of a  worldwide compliance structure and organisation and heading such function als Global Chief Compliance Officer
  • Development of a new ERM (Enterprise-Risk-Management) for the global pharmaceutical group and its organisational implementation